Wind Meter

The all time, best selling wind meter for iPhone.

Wind Meter

Update: Wind Meter has been in the top 20 paid apps in the weather category on iTunes for 24 months straight. Thanks! We couldn't have done it without you!

Wind Meter

Use your iPhone to estimate the speed of the wind. Wind Meter works by measuring the volume of the wind on your iPhone microphone and converts it into a wind speed reading.

To use, simply point the microphone into the wind and push Get Wind! Wait a few seconds and push Got Wind! The final reading is the average of the period. (The application is upside-down so you can read the meter while pointing the microphone into the wind.)

Wind Meter supports multiple units of measure including Miles Per Hour, Knots, Kilometers Per Hour, Beaufort, Feet Per Second, and Meters Per Second.

Use Wind Meter to estimate the wind velocity for a variety of recreational uses.


Note: This application is not meant to take the place of scientific instrumentation and is for recreational use only.


"As a division 1 track coach and operator of LetsRun.com, I was stunned to learn that the iphone could measure wind speed. This app works as advertised and is a lot of fun to take to a track meet. Obviously, you can't use it for official wind readings for record purposes but it's fun to prior to a race to ask yourself, "I wonder if these times will count. How strong is that wind?" And then pull out the iphone and see. It matches up really well with a real track and field wind meter." "I'd like to add the following if you use it on your site. At 99 cents, it's a no-brainier. Definitely worth it."

Robert Johnson Men's Mid-d & Distance Coach, Cornell University
Co-Founder, LetsRun.com 


“Speed and direction is incredibly important in the Fishing and Hunting worlds. Most hunters do not understand how wind plays into the success of a sportsman. Having good tools in the outdoors is important and simple tools like this wind app can help hunters to make informed decisions as to the correct direction and speed of the wind. Sportsmen who learn how to use these tools can be more successful in the field. I have tested this application against more high-end expensive units and this application held up quite well .” 
Itunes Review by HuntingLife28


"We were really jazzed to see this new wind meter app for the iPhone and downloaded it right away. It is really cool and will be appreciated by sailors everywhere”
Blue Water Sailing Magazine


"Thanks for the info. I got the app a few days ago and showed it off at our windsurfing event this last weekend. Several people thought it was very cool 
and were amazed by it."
North Texas Wind Riders


"First Test Proved it For Me Very clever app! By chance it's blowing tonight, so I went up to our flat roof and stood a few feet below our Davis instruments anemometer. The Davis recorded a max gust of about 26 mph while the max I recorded with the Wind Meter was 23 mph. Had I climbed the ladder, I expect the readings would have been even closer."
Itunes Review - Wind Jockey


"Would you believe it? -- it actually works. I was out testing and photographing the NMEA 2000 wind rig early this morning and thus could compare Wind Meter to a consensus of five high quality sensors mounted just a few feet over my head. "
Ben Ellison - Panbo Marine Electronics